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Noise-Reducing Glass

The noise-reducing glass will transform the way you spend time in your home. No longer will you be disturbed by noises such as passing cars, people or sirens. Our laminated glass offers excellent noise reduction to help you achieve peace and quiet in your home - no matter where you live. Our soundproof glass is perfect for London homes where road and pedestrian noise can be a serious nuisance.

Harnessing the unique potential of our specialist, laminated glass

Many people manage to drown out loud city noises in the background of their daily lives, but that doesn’t mean you should have to put up with it. Laminated glass installation is one call away and can completely improve your quality of life.


Our noise-reducing glass is a great way to improve your property value while being able to better enjoy your home. Soundproof glass from London Sash Doors & Windows is designed to reduce exterior noise levels while also offering a structurally tough laminated glass option - perfect to install in your existing frames.

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How does noise-reducing glass work?

Glass thickness

Ranges from 3 - 8mm. The thicker the glass: the better it performs in reducing noise! This works in tandem with the specialist inter-layer, which is laminated between two panes of glass of different thicknesses, ensuring optimal performance. You can expect quality laminated glass noise reduction from us.


A specialist inter-layer:

A thin (~0.76 mm to 1.14 mm) layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is laminated between the sheets of glass. The PVB works by dampening sound waves and vibrations, which it achieves without reducing any light transmittance and without being visible to the naked eye.



Draughtproofing reduces noise ingress by 6 - 10 db. This is achieved by sealing the gaps around the windows and door: holes which could equate to a sizeable hole in the centre of the glass.

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Very Impressed

All work was carried out efficiently and they cleaned everything up after them (including a tidy up at the end of day 1 - which we said was ok to leave but they said they liked to leave things in order!). We were very impressed by the quality of the workmanship and the pride they all took in their work. This is a family firm and it shows. We were given an estimate of two days but the work was completed in a day and a half as there were 4 in the team who worked together really well. I would highly recommend this company


Manufactured by leading brand, Pilkington

Georgian style townhouses

The laminated glass we use is specially manufactured by Pilkington, one of the world’s largest glass manufacturing companies. We can think of no better way to reduce exterior noise levels whilst maintaining beautifully designed and manufactured windows.

Prices from

Noise-reducing glass (single-glazed) in our new bespoke, hardwood, painted (hand or sprayed) sashes:

Prices start at approximately £1,155 incl. VAT per window for an average-sized window

Noise-reducing glass (double-glazed) in our new bespoke, hardwood, painted (hand or sprayed) sashes:

Prices start at approximately £1,625 incl. VAT per window for an average-sized window

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No more sleepless nights or frustration at the constant outdoor noise. For a quote on our noise-reducing glazing, contact London Sash Windows & Doors on
020 8150 7153
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