Noise reducing glass

One of the main issues with living in London is noise. As glass is solid, it means that it is extremely good at conducting sound by letting sound waves / vibrations pass through it relatively easily.


Our solution to reduce the noise, is to use a specialist laminated glass designed to deflect and dissipate the sound waves/vibrations.

This will help reduce noise from Road Traffic, Air Traffic, General noise and Train pollution. 

The laminated glass we use is specially manufactured by Pilkingtons, one of the worlds largest glass manufacturing companies.


This type of glass reduces noise between 34dB and 40DB depending on the thickness of the glass and inter-layer.

Noise reducing glass in action

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How noise reducing Glass works

Noise reduction works by deflecting and dissipating the sound waves / vibrations. The 3 main areas that assist in reducing noise are:

  • The thickness of the glass (ranging from 3 - 8mm

  • The specialist Inter-layer

  • Draught Proofing

Reducing noise by 30 db can reduce loud city traffic to the level of a library as seen above!

Glass Thickness

The thicker the glass is, the better the noise reduction will be. However, this only works well with a specialist inter-layer that is laminated between 2 panes of glass. For optimal noise reduction each pane of glass will be a different thickness.


A thin (~0.76 mm to 1.14 mm) layer of polyvinylbutyral (PVB) is laminated between the sheets of glass as per the above diagram. The PVB works by dampening sound waves / vibrations. Traditionally the PVB inter-layer would be used for safety and security but has been improved to reduce noise. The PVB inter-layer does not reduce any light transmittance and is not visible to the eye making it a great solution. 

Draft Proofing

By draught proofing the windows / doors, this can reduce noise ingress by 6 - 10 db. This is achieved by sealing the gaps around the windows / doors which can equate to large hole in the centre of the glass

A sample cross section of how we install the acoustic glass into our joinery.

This means that we keep to original look while upgrading everything to last for many more years.

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