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A beautifully crafted set of Georgian style white wooden bay windows with French doors

Secondary glazing for your traditional sash and casement windows

If you’re looking for an effective, convenient and cost-effective way to improve the energy efficiency and noise reduction capabilities of your sash or casement windows, then secondary double glazing is the way to go. Not only do you benefit from energy efficient windows, but it can even reduce dirt ingress in the process! Secondary glazing sash windows are the perfect solution for period properties in any area of London, from Hornsey to Notting Hill.

 A highly effective, simple-to-install and more budget friendly solution than replacement windows

It’s no secret that old window units can be draughty and cold. But, if you are particularly fond of your property’s existing windows - whether they be sliding sash units, Georgian bar windows or simple casements - you (understandably) may not be too eager to strip them out and replace them!

Secondary double glazing provides an extra barrier that can be even more effective than traditional double glazing at keeping your home nice and warm. And, what’s more, it is considerably quicker, cheaper and more cost-effective to install, as the existing glazing is left intact - not to mention the money you will save in the long run thanks to your windows being more energy efficient.

Its insulative properties also make secondary glazing ideal for noise reduction - say goodbye to the disturbing bustle of the outside city life when relaxing at home!

We can even provide aluminium secondary glazing, which is slimline, elegant and incredibly robust.

view of bay window

Slimline, discreet, high performing glazing

We manufacture and install special aluminium or hardwood secondary glazing that is both slim and discreet. This comes with either a fully hand painted or sprayed finish.


To make the most of your secondary glazing, we always recommend that the primary windows and doors be upgraded first, if possible.

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Decorative flourish

Extremely hardworking

This was to double glaze four large front windows, also secondary glazing for a stained glass window and improving insulation for a side door. We are very pleased with the new windows which fit in perfectly with the look of the house. The work was done as agreed, the team who came were very pleasant, extremely hard-working and thorough and Stuart was always helpful. The only problem was an error with sizing the secondary glazing but this was remedied quickly. Overall very satisfied with this company.


How will secondary glazing improve quality of life for you?

Exterior View of Old Sash Windows
  • Slim and discreet aesthetic that won’t spoil your home’s kerb appeal

  • Extremely energy efficient, which will help keep energy bills lower

  • Reduces draughts and dirt ingress

  • Helps with noise reduction thanks to high levels of acoustic insulation

  • More cost effective than a full window replacement

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Secondary glazing could really help you keep your home warm for less. To find out more, contact London Sash Windows & Doors on 
020 8150 7153
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